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At our Venkyschicken, you can get the freshest quality free range chicken delivered to your doorstep. Our chickens are raised in a humane, ethical, and sustainable environment, giving you a delicious and nutritious meal. With our convenient delivery service, you can experience the taste of free range chicken without ever leaving your home. Shop today and get the best quality free range chicken for your family!


Country chicken

Welcome to our farm where we raise the best quality country chickens that you can find! Our chickens are raised in a natural and healthy environment.


Our chickens are raised in a natural and healthy environment, allowing them to produce eggs that are full of flavor and nutrition.

poultry equipments

We are proud to offer a wide range of top-quality poultry equipment to help you raise healthy and productive chickens.


We are excited to offer a partnership opportunity to local farmers who are interested in raising free-range country chickens.

About Us

At VenkysChicken, we take pride in providing the highest quality free range chicken products to our customers. We believe that free range chicken is the best choice for healthy, delicious meals, and we strive to make it easy for you to get the best free range chicken at competitive prices.

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NOTE : Venkyschicken.com is my Individual small business venture and has got nothing to do with renowned poultry brand Venky's